Thursday, December 11, 2008

An online review of our LAST DAYS OF BALLARD SAGA CYCLE (otherwise Live On KEXP), from ExMogul Music

ExMogul Music, run by Susan White, has given our live-on-KEXP downloadable album ("The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle") a short and glowing notice:

Somebody likes us! Thanks, Susan.

np: Zinnia is singing to the cat

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Neon Brown Presents has moved, and may now be found and listened to at:

The current entry includes contributions by Snoose Commander John Leighton Beezer:

Check back there for a constant stream of semi-biweekly improvised goodies from Andrew Woods and company...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snoose-related video treat

a short video introduction to: "The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation" by 5-Track & Abalone Sandwich

directed by Christian Peet

musicians you can hear on this video include Andrew Woods (electric guitar), Donovan Raymond (electric bass guitar), 5-Track (electric guitar)

cd available here:

Friday, October 31, 2008


Alright, the sounds and the images are back, y'all can crawl back out from wherever you were hiding in a panic of tremors and bask once again in the soothing balm of SNOOSE JUNCTION

Friday, October 24, 2008

Minor Technical Issues

Yeah, so maybe or maybe not you noticed, none of the mp3s or pictures are working right? Hmm? No? Well, don't be alarmed whatever. They'll be back in the near now. The site on which most of the media files are stored has just moved full-time to, and I gots to update a MESS of links!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

FREE Album Download - Sonarchy Radio (5's mix)

Personnel = John Leighton Beezer, Evan Strauss, Wesley Amundsen, Vince Amandes, 5-Track, John Foss

Not to take away from Doug Haire's broadcast mix of this same material, but I wanted to hear it the way I wanted to hear it. So click up above or on the image and you can check it out.

dig it

Monday, September 1, 2008

(we had a) Big Skunk Ape Party @ Chromasound, featuring Snoose Junction & Consider The Source

Wow, that was just exactly what I needed in my life!

At 8pm on Wednesday August 27 2008 I arrived with Gerry Amandes (Greenwood Posse) and John Foss (Greenwood Posse, Cantenna, Snoose Ringleader: The Iron Stomach) at ChromaSound Studios in Seattle, WA, Earth. John Leighton Beezer (The Thrown-Ups, Stomach Pump, Cantenna, El Grande Conquistadore, Snoose Commander) was already there, and so were the guys from Consider The Source, an instrumental trio from New York whose genre might be best-described as belly-dance-funk-fusion (or something). Usually they play songs, but we told them they weren't allowed.

Michael Faulhaber (Thrown-Ups, Snoose Admiral, Cantenna) was there, and Steve Turnidge. So were a few other folks including the studio techs and some short-term visitors, and in short order the jamming began with me on bass, JohnLeightonBeezer on guitar, Mr Faulhaber on drums, Mr Turnidge on the Hammond B-3, and lo - we brought forth a mellifluous shag-carpet of luminous groove.

Not sure if that one made it to tape, but most of the rest of the night did. Next set was me on bass again with Michael F still on the drums but with the addition of Gerry Amandes on the nightmare/wet-dream feedback guitar. Sounded like Les Rallizes Denudes without the songs or the bile. Possibly my favorite part of the night, certainly the bit I most look forward to hearing back!

It may have been around this time that Whiting Tennis (El Grande Conquistadore) played some drums, also. And Chavon sang at some point, as did John Foss.

Then came a MAD PHAT UNACCOUNTABLY AMAZING set by Consider The Source, during the course of which we received attendees straight from Neon Brown Presents @ Mr Spot's Chai House: Andrew Woods (Neon Brown), Evan Strauss, Woody Frank, Patrick Lenon, Zack The Orginal Guitar Player For Variety Pack Who Now Plays Saxophone (all 4 from Variety Pack), and several beautiful friends. Damn, they got there at a good time. We all boogied like mad with our jaws hanging down to our navels while Consider The Source altered the consistency of the walls of our mutual universe!

I believe the surprisingly funky round after that one belonged to JohnLeightonBeezer (bass), Davey B (drums), and Andrew Woods (guitar and sing). They were gradually augmented / replaced with myself (guitar), Woody (guitar), Evan (bass), Zack (horn) and Patrick (drums). Fun fun fun fun fun. Again, I can't wait to hear it back, though I suspect it was more fun to play that particular set than it will be to listen to it.

More from Consider The Source with JohnLeighton Beezer on 2nd guitar, then more from Evan, Woody, etc and me. Think that was it. Six hours worth, and most of it got recorded, live to 2-track digital.

Tracks should be forthcoming, um, a good healthy while from now when you've just about forgotten it ever happened - look forward to it!

Thanks to everyone involved - that was possibly the most fun I've had all year!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late date: Snoose On Sonarchy KEXP

I just discovered, quite some time after the fact, that our performance on KEXP Sonarchy Radio can be listened to on

check it out - it's a good one, and the sound quality is GREAT.

I put together my own mix of this, by the way, and will probably post it somewhere eventually... If that interests anyone!

rite on
5 out

Friday, May 16, 2008

brand new Snoose-related CDs and thangs

5 sez:

There are 3 new CDs with which you may desire to occupy your attention.

None of them are officially "Snoose Junction" titles,
but every one includes musicians who you may know and dig
from our live shows or from existing Snoose Junction recordings.

Firstly, we have
Abalone Sandwich: The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation
This disc contains oceanic and largely drumless guitar drones,
plus a prose paean to interspecies comunication
and a genuinely global peace. I have never heard anything
quite like it. Dedicated to Dr John C Lilly.
Musicians =
Andrew Woods (Neon Brown) - guitar
Donovan Raymond (Midway Orchestra) - bass
5-Track - guitar
Andrew McInnis (Lemons & Stallions) - drums (track 3)

Secondly there is the mighty
Zoomsquad: Interstellar Mating Rituals
Zoomsquad opened up both of the Snoose Junction events
which took place at the excellent
Jewelbox Theater in the Rendezvous, downtown.
Parts of the first of those shows are on this disc,
along with many artifacts from the
Luxxe-house basement studio.
The music is improvised, ambient, heavy, groovy, tripped out
and genuinely democratic.
Musicians =
Zack, guitar
Danny, bass
N8, drums
5-Track, guitar

And thirdly, but by no means leastly,
Evan & The Modern Human Show: A Moose Supreme
Evan wrote all the tunes and lyrics,
played the bass and the kaoss pad
and he sang.
The results are notable.
Musicians =
Evan Strauss - bass, kaoss pad, sing
Pat Lenon - drums
5-Track - guitar
Charles Wicklander - intermittent keys

...and if that isn't enough for you,
go dig the Greenwood Posse:
Musicians =
John Foss - sing
Gerry Amandes - guitar
Vince Amandes - drums
Reyza - bass
...and cameos from the usual gang of idiots

more info on at least some of this stuff can be found at

good luck

Thursday, March 20, 2008

LISTEN HERE: Clips from our CDs

I thought it might be for the common good to have all this stuff listenable to in one place...

So this is going to be that place!

Starting with two segments from our recent issue, VOLUME 3:
1 - Light (excerpt) - juicy groove with guitar and saxophone
2 - Dark and/or Heavy (excerpt) - clearly the devil has taken over

...moving on to the equally-creatively-named but somewhat more hypnotic VOLUME 2:
Part 1 (excerpt) - trance groove
Part 2 (excerpt) - total madness

...and lastly, as a special bonus, here is the elusive SNOOSE JUNCTION VOLUME ONE, in its entirety:
Part 1 - a long groovy jam with a preponderance of rhythmic ideas and not a whole lot of excessive ego-distortion
Part 2 - more of the same, but more people on the stage and somewhat less formal coherence. Not only is this Volume One, this is SHOW #1, and there is some debate as to exactly whose fault it was

All of these were recorded live to minidisc at Mr Spot's. Personnel tend to include John Beezer, John Foss, 5-Track, Evan Strauss, Donovan Raymond, Knute Jordan, Andrew McInnis, Sammy Lett, Gerry Amandes, Vince Amandes, Ian McKagan, Andrew Woods, Charles Wicklander etc etc.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Album Download from We're Late For Class

looks like this:
A Collection (2008) We're Late For Class

and sounds like this:

and you can find out more about it

Hint: think "spaced-out stoner improv"

5 sez:
I am not in this band, but I like them.
I also like free download albums in general.
here is another one by someone else