Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LISTEN HERE: MP3s from 2-19-07 @ Mr Spot's

I especially dug parts 4 and 5... Part 1 is pretty phat as well... You know, it's all good or I wouldn't have put it up here

featuring 5-Track (guitar), John Beezer (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Patrick Lenon (drums) and John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring 5-Track (guitar), Gerry Amandes (guitar), Reysa (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Vince Amandes (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Chris Hogan (guitar), ? (guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), Patrick Lenon (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Chris Hogan (guitar), N8 (guitar), 5-Track (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Knute Jordan (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Gerry Amandes (guitar), N8 (drums), Reysa (electric bass)

see yas

Friday, February 16, 2007

LOOK HERE: pictures from 2-5-2007 @ Mr Spot's Chai House

Courtesy of Snoose Admiral Michael Faulhaber...

5-Track (yours truly):

Amy Richards on the mic, hazy Foss in the background:

The special-est of guests, Mr Andrew Woods of Neon Brown:

Snoose Commander John Leighton Beezer:

Snoose Cadet N8:

Chris Hogan is from outer space:

Chai House counter...

Chavon and Ian:

Donovan in the Octopus Hat:

Paul Turner, drums::

Evan Strauss: "A drum set? Why no, John Foss, what makes you think I have a drum set?"

Aaron Gates sings for his life:

So does Ian:

A few last enlightening images:

dig it

The High Dive @ Snoose Junction, 2-12-2007

Yes, I DO mean
"The High Dive at Snoose Junction"
'cos Snoose Junction is WHERE WE ARE
and it doesn't matter WHERE THAT IS...

It seemed to freak people out a little bit... It was Monday, alright, and we were all us... But it wasn't the Chai House, under-21s were being turned away and there was a big stage and PA and sound man and an opening act (singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar and deep voice, Kyle Hawkins) and it was all being put on by an absentee entity called 'nadamucho'...

On the plus side, Kent was working the door.

Anyway, we started with a trio featuring Wes Amundsen (upright bass), Vince Amandez (drum kit), and myself (electric guitar). The mood was groovin' and tribal and heavy and light and we kept it up for ten or fifteen minutes before Gerry Amandez joined in on 2nd guitar, then Juliana the Human Theremin stepped up and sang her heart out for a while, and then Donovan came up to add an electric bass to the mix... Full-on bottom end bedlam! I couldn't really pick out which bass was doing what (or even which guitar at times!) but the tone, feel and mood were right on.

At about this time, Paul Turner stepped up to take the drumsticks out of Vince's hands without a pause or even a tremor in the groove... The mania escalated as a gent from the audience stepped up to sing, then John Leighton Beezer showed up with the deadly Captain Trips virus somewhat under control and played the hell out of his strat for a while. Wes took a break and I took the electric bass off Donovan and donned the Octopus Hat while Chris Hogan took Gerry's guitar spot...

Eventually Wes came back to add bowed accents to my minimalist groove, Chavon and Amy finally got up to sing for a few minutes, and Knute took over the drums for the last ten minutes of the night. We had about the same turnout overall as a Chai House Monday, though it felt emptier being in a bigger room...

Everyone I've talked to had a blast... Thanks for being part of it! I am honored to play with and for all of you.

Friday, February 9, 2007

LISTEN HERE! 2-5-2007 @ Mr Spot's MP3s

This was too cool a night to try to say anything about it, so here are the recordings instead:

featuring Andrew Woods (guitar and human voice), 5-Track (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), and Paul Turner (drums) plus John Foss and Aaron Gates do some singing and Mike plays the trumpet. We started in5/8, went ambient, came back in 7 and stayed there for a while, then got into some fast 12/8 ideas and then got really really slow and grooved heavy for about 30 minutes

This segment features John Leighton Beezer (guitar) and N8 Moore (drums) with Andrew Woods and Evan Strauss plus Foss, Gates and Mike on the trumpet. This starts about where part one leaves off, goes heavy latin for a while and then tumbles through some other ideas for a total of about 22 minutes

This segment features Michael Faulhaber (drums) and Donovan (bass guitar) but beyond there I have lost track of who is playing for most of this 43 minutes. I am playing Andrew's guitar for a while, but I think Andrew is back later on. I think Aaron Gates plays my guitar for a while. I believe I hear Chavon singing something amazing, and Amy Richards too (Amy is Keith Richards' bastard daughter)

Tragically we lost the best part of this jam when the minidisc filled up... That's Chris Hogan on the electric guitar, myself on the bass and Paul Turner on the drums. This excerpt is pretty cool, but we got WEIRD in the remaining half hour

Hope ya dig it!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Snoose Log re 1-29-2007

It was a tough night, and didnn't really hit its stride until it was almost done...

Whiting Tennis and El Grande Conquistador opened it up, but they never caught fire like they did the last time, maybe 'cos we started late or maybe 'cos we weren't sure exactly who was going to play until almost the second it happened. When I got there, we had no drummer lined up, we had 3 or 4 people making calls to 1-800-NEED-A-DRUMMER but they were booked, solid. Finally we lucked onto a kit, but no one to play it, at which time Mr Van Yserloo walked into the room, followed in short order by Mr Iverson, and - like that - a quorum was achieved.

But it was a slow-burn quorum, a smoldering quorum, a quorum that had seen its shadow and was on its way back to bed. The music was GORGEOUS in places, but stumbled and staggered and spat in between - and I have the tapes to prove it. After about a 1/2 hour of false but scintillating starts, JLB called a full-on change-up and kicked everyone (including himself) off the stage.

I took the guitar, Wes took the bass, Knute got on the drums (his first visit to Snoose Junction - and a long story in itself) and Diono from Ancestor Radio hit the congas (another first) and we played a set that went over real well but felt like an uphill jog on a hot day all the way.

Not sure what happened next - Danny played the bass and Joe Reno painted her picture, John Foss gave KP a birthday roast from the heart, N8 played the drums, Amy put the octopus hat on Iverson, then she took the mic and channelled an Indian shaman for 10 minutes, Spike took the mic but I couldn't hear what he said, and then

(it was as if the sun came out from behind a cloud)

there was this great jam from Chris Hogan (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass), Knute (drums), Foss (sing) and some mandolin player from Tennessee? It coulda gone on for hours, and then it stopped