Monday, September 1, 2008

(we had a) Big Skunk Ape Party @ Chromasound, featuring Snoose Junction & Consider The Source

Wow, that was just exactly what I needed in my life!

At 8pm on Wednesday August 27 2008 I arrived with Gerry Amandes (Greenwood Posse) and John Foss (Greenwood Posse, Cantenna, Snoose Ringleader: The Iron Stomach) at ChromaSound Studios in Seattle, WA, Earth. John Leighton Beezer (The Thrown-Ups, Stomach Pump, Cantenna, El Grande Conquistadore, Snoose Commander) was already there, and so were the guys from Consider The Source, an instrumental trio from New York whose genre might be best-described as belly-dance-funk-fusion (or something). Usually they play songs, but we told them they weren't allowed.

Michael Faulhaber (Thrown-Ups, Snoose Admiral, Cantenna) was there, and Steve Turnidge. So were a few other folks including the studio techs and some short-term visitors, and in short order the jamming began with me on bass, JohnLeightonBeezer on guitar, Mr Faulhaber on drums, Mr Turnidge on the Hammond B-3, and lo - we brought forth a mellifluous shag-carpet of luminous groove.

Not sure if that one made it to tape, but most of the rest of the night did. Next set was me on bass again with Michael F still on the drums but with the addition of Gerry Amandes on the nightmare/wet-dream feedback guitar. Sounded like Les Rallizes Denudes without the songs or the bile. Possibly my favorite part of the night, certainly the bit I most look forward to hearing back!

It may have been around this time that Whiting Tennis (El Grande Conquistadore) played some drums, also. And Chavon sang at some point, as did John Foss.

Then came a MAD PHAT UNACCOUNTABLY AMAZING set by Consider The Source, during the course of which we received attendees straight from Neon Brown Presents @ Mr Spot's Chai House: Andrew Woods (Neon Brown), Evan Strauss, Woody Frank, Patrick Lenon, Zack The Orginal Guitar Player For Variety Pack Who Now Plays Saxophone (all 4 from Variety Pack), and several beautiful friends. Damn, they got there at a good time. We all boogied like mad with our jaws hanging down to our navels while Consider The Source altered the consistency of the walls of our mutual universe!

I believe the surprisingly funky round after that one belonged to JohnLeightonBeezer (bass), Davey B (drums), and Andrew Woods (guitar and sing). They were gradually augmented / replaced with myself (guitar), Woody (guitar), Evan (bass), Zack (horn) and Patrick (drums). Fun fun fun fun fun. Again, I can't wait to hear it back, though I suspect it was more fun to play that particular set than it will be to listen to it.

More from Consider The Source with JohnLeighton Beezer on 2nd guitar, then more from Evan, Woody, etc and me. Think that was it. Six hours worth, and most of it got recorded, live to 2-track digital.

Tracks should be forthcoming, um, a good healthy while from now when you've just about forgotten it ever happened - look forward to it!

Thanks to everyone involved - that was possibly the most fun I've had all year!


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