Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snoose Log re:11/27/06

'scuse the same post as m-sp-c- page, still ironing out the details of the overarching concept...

Last night:

Jason Dennie came out to play keys and sing in a band with John Leighton Beezer, Soctt Boggan and Michael Faulhaber... Very excellent, pswampy psoul psych... The rest of the night involved 5-Track on guitar, Spencer on the drums, Nate on the drums, Evan on the bass, 5-Track on the bass (for a minute, and the drums for even less), and Paul Turner on the drums. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh yeah: Chris Hogan on the guitar!

np: Thunder Before Dawn (south african compilation on vinyl)

Let It Snow... Chai House Monday Night

re: 11/27/06
Beezer Sez:


I’m pretty psyched about the line-up for the Chai House tonight ... and even though the weather may make it tough to get around, I can’t think of a better place for a warm drink (cider, tea, hot chocolate, chai ...). Or a cold beer, for that matter.

Come by if you can make it ... here’s the starting line-up:

Drums, Mike Faulhaber. The original guitar player in the Thrown Ups, who has somehow morphed into a subtle and totally tasteful jazz drummer (?!).

Bass, Scott Boggan. A musician who earned my undying respect freakin’ 20 years ago in Room 9 ... still astonishing and a natural at improv. Scott’s latest ensemble is Down With People. Here’s their MySpace page:

Down With People!

Guitar. Yours truly ... and as an added bonus, we’ll rotate 5-Track in as early as I can stand to let go of the axe, Eugene.

Vocals & Keyboards, Jason Dennie. The man behind the Columbia City jams makes the trek out to Ballard. Jason will be playing his new Nord keyboard which is said to be capable of emulating the classic Hammond B3 sound, which I kind of have a thing for. To hear what Jason has been doing lately, here’s a link to the MySpace page for The Western Shore, where he’s on keys and vocals ...

The Western Shore!

We have also invited Michael Uxa to rotate in on saxophone. I’ve never heard him play sax, but he’s an incredible drummer, so we’ll see what happens. If you’re jonesing to play tonight, send me an e-mail and I’ll try to rotate you in, too.

As usual, the music starts at 8:00 and goes to 10:00. Feel free to forward ...