Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'll allow it could be possible, but I'll be amazed if we ever find a better Snoose Junction recording than this one:


(Although... that one on CD-R Volume 2 is really nice in a completely different way... and this one doesn't even have Evan on it anywhere!! Hmm... I guess debating about the merits of different shows is part of the fun, yes?)

The sound is very guitar heavy - a nice big room to stretch out in - sparse pounding drum beats and droning distortion, washed-out space-keys and deranged vocals from Foss and Julianna The Human Theremin. Very Krautrock. Cause to rejoice.

This was recorded at the Rendezvous / Jewelbox Theater, a bit off the Snoose Junction beaten path, all the way out there in Belltown, Seattle, Earth.

Personnel includes:
John Leighton Beezer (guitar), 5-Track (bass guitar), Gerry Amandes (guitar), Vince Amandes (drums), John Foss (voices in your head), Julianna Brandon (The Human Theremin), Troy Swanson (keys etc)

"Songs" include:

01 Snoose In The Jewelbox
02 The Human Theremin / Calling Planet Ballard / Get Man Back Into Space
03 Swim Before You Crawl / D BOON Died Too Young!!
04 Jeff & Louise (Back Into Space reprise)

Track 3 is for Watt

If you need instant gratification, start with track 2. But it's ALL good. Just a lot of it hangs around a slow boil for infinite durations of shimmerness.

love & good luck,