Saturday, December 22, 2007



This music was recorded on March 5 2007 at Mr Spot's Chai House, Ballard, Seattle, USA, Earth. Musicians featured include John Foss, Ian McKagan, 5-Track, Joe Reno, Michael Faulhaber, Gerry Amandes, Vince Amandes, John Leighton Beezer, Evan-S, Donovan, Knute Jordan, Sammy Lett, and maybe some other folks. The cover is from that month's original poster art by Sarah Francis Rosenfeld. I have cut the music down to about 79 and a half minutes.

1 - Light 40:56
2 - You Don't Have To Worry Anymore 8:29
3 - Dark &/or Heavy 30:25

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Not a whole lot to add here, but it doesn't seem right that there's been no post since July, wouldn't want anyone thinking this was a DEFUNCT CONCERN, nonononono...

Speaking from the L.A. Office, I miss you guys a ton, was slicing-and-dicing the show from 3-5-07 yesterday (almost done, CD in the future) and it was SO NICE, music aside, to hear everybody's voices hovering around and swooping past the mic and trying to figure out just who the hell was playing what anyway

see yas in the future

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ballard Seafood Festival

Foss sez:

I'm calling Snoose on ya all.

It's Seafood Fest in Ballard and I feel it is Snoose Junction's right to play on OUR stage.

No Badges needed.

Sat. Night we are going to snake a cord out of the Chai House or just plug in in the park that is Bergen.

We will try to go on as soon as we can after the o-fish-ul activities wind down, and the Glass shop closes and puts their displays inside.

So 7 p.m.? until we get shut down. Last year the cops let us go to 10.
My badge goes to 11.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is Foss really going to Alaska?

Coastal Rovers Episode 1 says he is...

Check out the music at the beginning and end of the spot, BTW, that's Gerry Amandes and Snoose Junction: Greenwood Posse tearing up the Magna Freak (you can hear the whole track at our MurdochSpace Page!) I was in the room for the recording session, playing along even, but no mic on 5 so no hear me... But trust that I exerted an influence...? However slight or profound

np: Walter Wegmuller, "Tarot"

Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Solstice 2007

Well, not the solstice proper, but the evening of the Fremont Solstice Parade to be sure.

Rain on and off... No word from MC Foss... People calling my phone asking what's going on, and me not answer... Closing on midnight...

Finally Foss checks in. Yes, on his walk from Ballard to Fremont he did encounter some drizzling rain, and no he has not yet been able to raise certain principle characters on the telephone, but we can play under this overhang provided we bring a million feet of extension cable and...

Alright, I'm there. Call Ian. Call Muscles. Call Danny (but she doesn't answer). Draft erstwhile Tom to help lug erstwhile bass rig to erstwhile pickup truck. Swing by frame store for PA head and a million feet of extension cable. Make Fremont.

The now-requisite Snoose Prelude of Cadet N8 playing as loud as possible on a drum kit somewhere, well, that's in full swing as I'm pulling up and the security people are looking nervous but Foss and Peter Beavis are talking them down and I can't tell if it helps or hurts to have another freak park and start hauling gear, especially since without electricity I can't join in. Chef Joe and some friends appear and one of them spells N8 - he sounds good and I want to play, but no outlet. Eventually Snoose Admiral Faulhaber makes the drum kit (which is his) ring not out for a time til I get plugged in and Snoose Commander John Leighton Beezer arrives with guitar and rig and Lo! There is music!

We are on the opposite side of the street from usual, in the past we have been tucked into a crevice between two awnings (subtle) and directed our amps more-or-less into the side of the building in front of which we are now playing - broadcasting the sounds rather up the hillside and into Fremont proper. Whee!

The jams are good, the sky is clear, I have a fish I like to hold... Wait... That's the library talking!

It's been slow on the Snoose scene since we quit the House of Chai, and although I've played with Evan a fair bit I hadn't seen JLB or Michael F in weeks. It sounded really good... And then Snoose Captain Gerry Amandes checked in with a guitar rig and something to put Foss through and we had vocals! Foss and Cadet Ian traded off, and then I took over drums until some random rude punk brit chased me off, but he sucked and left pretty quick (after all that) to be replaced eventually by a Columbia City veteran whose name I missed - he was terrific! I was on guitar by then, but I switched to bass when Beezer (showing more sense than anyone in sight) decided he didn't want to play an electric instrument in the rain.

N8 took the drums again, we lay down some slick and amorphous grooves and the cops came by (2 cars worth) to tell us to chill it out. Foss talked them down and they left, but they were back in fifteen minutes (3 cars this time, 4 by the time I left) around 3:30am. "It's our 31st noise complaint," Foss explained. "I told them to give us one more and they did and this is it. OK?"

And with a boom, N8 and I managed (miraculously) to stop at once on the beat.

That was Saturday/Sunday. Today is Monday. I slept 12 hours last night... Message from Foss this morning that came in while I was out: "Best... Snoose... EVER!"

Friday, May 25, 2007

CHAISTOCK in review

Technically it started on Wednesday night, the 25th of April, 2007, with a performance from Neon Brown Presents - The Woodsland Acoustic Orchestra, led and presented by Andrew Woods and featuring in this case Evan Strauss, 5 Philpin, David Smith and Bill Wolford on acoustic guitars, and Andrew Woods on a home-made but highly superior thing called a BassBox.

There was a touring folksinger-type-artist beforehand, but he wasn't technically a part of Chaistock. You could tell, if you hang around the Chai House a lot, in two different ways. 1) You hadn't seen this guy hanging around the Chai House a lot. 2) Foss wasn't working the door yet.

Part of the theme of Chaistock, to Foss' chagrin, involves him (in his capacity as M.C. Snoose Junction) standing at the front door all night trying to get a $5 donation out of everyone. This might be a Chai House first, to ask for even a donation at entry. Many musicians could talk their way past him, most regulars couldn't ("It's going toward a new P.A. This is for you, 'cos you're here every night!") and everyone else either coughed it up or ignored him completely.

The Woodsland Acoustic Orchestra is something that has been evolving slowly over the course of about 5 years of Neon Brown Presents. Andrew has wanted for some time to create something like it, and has gone so far as to assemble acoustic musicians for spontaneous improvised performances and module-based rehearsals, but only lately has he begun to organize it as an autonomous entity - with a name, even! The membership is loose but always of high quality, and the ideas being dealt with so far include an amorphous fractal improvised and "acoustic" response to electronic dance music, and a body of mutually understood spontaneous and unplanned verbal signals from various members of the group which lead us in an array of directions at the whim of the signaller.

In this specific case we threw down key-related changes, time-related changes, cohesiveness-related changes and we attempted to channel the energy of a guy in a baseball-type cap who was sitting at the big table with some friends. He had no idea, but he seemed to enjoy what we played.

Dancing to us on this particular night would have to have been for joy and not for much in the way of innate dancability to a lot of what we were playing. If you don't believe me or think that sounds like it might be amusing, check out and visit the Jam Of The Week page.

Chaistock continued on Thursday night with the Scratching Post Open Mic All-Stars. I wasn't there, but I can attest that the amazing Operadisiac performed at some point.

Friday night began with Bob & Sheldon, followed by Local Comedy Night (it has a name, can't recall what it is) which had to contend with two Chai Protesters who arrived during their set. The protesters shouted things like: "T(ea) is for terrorists!" and waved signs and marched around.

After that was all over with, Glass Goblins played a set. Glass Goblins in this case was 5-Track (guitar and sing), Patrick Lenon (drums) and Evan Strauss (bass guitar). We played 3 long songs with few changes and lots of group-mind activity, plus a Guitoracle wherein we answered a psychic-type question for an audience member in the language of improvised earth music - can't remember the question or who asked it, does anyone else remember? Also we played "Season Of The Witch," and Foss sat in.

After Glass Goblins came JAPANDA consisting in this case of James (guitar), Donovan (bass guitar), Rob (bass guitar), N8 (drums) and Chris St Peters (sing). They blew everybody's mind, that's all. It was some LOUD, and it was some CHAOTIC, and it was totally unpredictable, and it even had dramatic coherency. (Did you read Rob's t-shirt?)

A band called The Scene played after that, who were probably not tehcnically part of Chaistock as measured by either factor, but they came all the way from California for reasons best known to them to play on this night and that has to stand for something, maybe a clue to the secret dark matter which describes physically the order of the universe... Or maybe not. Thanks, The Scene, for passing through our strange attractor.

The next day was the epicenter of Chaistock, the nexus or maybe even the crux, at least from my position as the center of my own universe. I showed up with gear around noon-thirty, went to breakfast and when I got back Foss was on the drums (!) and Donovan was playing bass. They'd been going for a while, so I spelled Foss on the kit and played for 45 minutes with Donovan. Shades of OM - great way to get in a zone, start the day with some primal rhythm section activity.

Evan showed up next. I switched to guitar and we made some of what Denali has called "guitar goo" until Chris Hogan showed up with... Who started us off on drums? Paul Turner, I think... Cos I think I remember him setting up his kit while Evan, Chris and I were still playing... But I'm not sure, it starts to get hazy there.

Most of the usual Snoose configurations (the what?) played for the next 3 or 4 hours without a pause, including stints by John Beezer (guitar), 5-Track (guitar), Evan (bass guitar), Donovan (guitar, bass guitar), Chris Hogan (guitar), various players of the electronic drum thingy, Chavon (sing) and, um, some other people. Special random guest for the afternoon was Jeremy Lightfoot (drums) who has played awesome bass with Danny Barnes, Siamese and Jive Turkey and sings with The Droneys.

Outside, and at the same time, rotating lineups of N8 (drums) were playing on the sidewalk. Allison (bass) played for a while, but I'm not sure who else exactly because I was inside playing for most of it.

Later on we had a visit from Noah (drums) of the groups Xenghaia and Falcon Engineers. He played with N8 (bass) and 5-Track (guitar) until Funklove materialized on the outdoor drumkit, then found his way to the indoor mic. He did his thing, wherein he sang us some grooves to chew on, then hit the mic with the right thing to sing, direct from the cosmic channel. A few minutes in, N8 swapped out for Donovan and swapped out for Paul T. This was nice, because Donovan, Paul, Funk and myself have a natural chemistry from having been vaguely around each other and sporadically sitting in with one another's muses for about 5 years now. We hit a flow that lasted for a while.

I took a break after that. I think I played the drums when I got back, and I think I remember ending the evening with a big goofy 2-chord jam. But that could have been last Monday... Which was also fun, by the way... The tape will surface when it needs air. Yeah, maybe I wasn't in the last jam on Saturday... We'll find out when I play it back!

Thus endeth the nexus of Chaistock... But Sunday was alright, too. The first band was, I am told, unexpected... But it worked out OK since Variety Pack was supposed to open and only 1/4 of the band was there. Evan, Ian, and N8 set up camp on the sidewalk and played to the traffic. They were louder than the outside jams had been on Saturday, mainly 'cos the amps were bigger and better on Sunday.

Did I mention that Sunday was under-21-musicians-only day? Part of Foss' gig was to kick anyone over 21 off the stage. Since that meant no jams for 5, I left after an hour or so... But I want to tell you that the outdoor jams on Sunday made me really happy, good-sounding amps ricocheting tone off the walls of downtown Ballard on a Sunday afternoon on a sunny sidewalk, a heavy electric improvising trio that understood how to use that space and work with its other occupants: busses, passersby, self phones, car horns, sirens and etc.

I didn't catch the end but I understand N8 moved his drums into Bergen Park after a while and played there until the "condo people" made him cool it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Final Chai House SNOOSE JUNCTION Monday

Good morning!

Monday April 23rd 2007
will be the final SNOOSE JUNCTION Monday
Mr Spot's Chai House
Market & Leary, Ballard, Seattle, Earth
8-10pm, all ages, free

For those who may not be aware
we play Non-Hierarchical Improvised Music For Your Life

This particular night is expected to feature
CANTENNA (Foss, Beezer, 5-Track and Sarah On The Drums)
PAWN COUNCIL AND FRIENDS (Turner, Donovan, 5, maybe others)
THE EVAN STRAUSS EXPERIENCE (lineup yet to be fully determined)
and also Happy Birthday Chavon!!

will continue to perform:
on the radio
at house parties
where they keep boats
and other venues of various sorts

If you would like to be kept well-informed on the
please reply to this email
and let me know!
We will add you to the SNOOSE JUNCTION emailing list

The current list will continue to feature vague and sporadic updates on
as well as detailed information on everything else I do...


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alternatives to Snoose Junction

Y'all may be aware that in the wake of the epic
CHAISTOCK event at the end of this month
(April 2007)
we will be terminating our residency at Mr Spot's Chai House

Until we find ourselves a new clubhouse, may I humbly suggest that you dig
Neon Brown Presents
every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at Mr Spot's

This consists of mildly conceptual improv with a rotating cast of musicians
(sound familiar?)
and has been going on for 4 or 5 years now...

The show is hosted by Andrew Woods
I am nearly always in attendance and often on the stage
as will be the case this Wednesday, April 11 2007
with additional guests:
Terry Parks (bass) and David Smith (drums)

see yas

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Alright, the MP3s are back...

Friday, April 6, 2007


Hey y'all -

Sorry for the missing photos and soundfiles, I am atempting to remedy the problem but from whom I purchase my webspace is being what I would have to call


Hopefully it'll be under control soon... Why do people have to be this way?


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LISTEN HERE: MP3s from 2-19-07 @ Mr Spot's

I especially dug parts 4 and 5... Part 1 is pretty phat as well... You know, it's all good or I wouldn't have put it up here

featuring 5-Track (guitar), John Beezer (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Patrick Lenon (drums) and John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring 5-Track (guitar), Gerry Amandes (guitar), Reysa (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Vince Amandes (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Chris Hogan (guitar), ? (guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), Patrick Lenon (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Chris Hogan (guitar), N8 (guitar), 5-Track (bass guitar), Charles Wicklander (keyboard), Knute Jordan (drums), John Foss and Aaron Gates (sing)

featuring Gerry Amandes (guitar), N8 (drums), Reysa (electric bass)

see yas

Friday, February 16, 2007

LOOK HERE: pictures from 2-5-2007 @ Mr Spot's Chai House

Courtesy of Snoose Admiral Michael Faulhaber...

5-Track (yours truly):

Amy Richards on the mic, hazy Foss in the background:

The special-est of guests, Mr Andrew Woods of Neon Brown:

Snoose Commander John Leighton Beezer:

Snoose Cadet N8:

Chris Hogan is from outer space:

Chai House counter...

Chavon and Ian:

Donovan in the Octopus Hat:

Paul Turner, drums::

Evan Strauss: "A drum set? Why no, John Foss, what makes you think I have a drum set?"

Aaron Gates sings for his life:

So does Ian:

A few last enlightening images:

dig it

The High Dive @ Snoose Junction, 2-12-2007

Yes, I DO mean
"The High Dive at Snoose Junction"
'cos Snoose Junction is WHERE WE ARE
and it doesn't matter WHERE THAT IS...

It seemed to freak people out a little bit... It was Monday, alright, and we were all us... But it wasn't the Chai House, under-21s were being turned away and there was a big stage and PA and sound man and an opening act (singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar and deep voice, Kyle Hawkins) and it was all being put on by an absentee entity called 'nadamucho'...

On the plus side, Kent was working the door.

Anyway, we started with a trio featuring Wes Amundsen (upright bass), Vince Amandez (drum kit), and myself (electric guitar). The mood was groovin' and tribal and heavy and light and we kept it up for ten or fifteen minutes before Gerry Amandez joined in on 2nd guitar, then Juliana the Human Theremin stepped up and sang her heart out for a while, and then Donovan came up to add an electric bass to the mix... Full-on bottom end bedlam! I couldn't really pick out which bass was doing what (or even which guitar at times!) but the tone, feel and mood were right on.

At about this time, Paul Turner stepped up to take the drumsticks out of Vince's hands without a pause or even a tremor in the groove... The mania escalated as a gent from the audience stepped up to sing, then John Leighton Beezer showed up with the deadly Captain Trips virus somewhat under control and played the hell out of his strat for a while. Wes took a break and I took the electric bass off Donovan and donned the Octopus Hat while Chris Hogan took Gerry's guitar spot...

Eventually Wes came back to add bowed accents to my minimalist groove, Chavon and Amy finally got up to sing for a few minutes, and Knute took over the drums for the last ten minutes of the night. We had about the same turnout overall as a Chai House Monday, though it felt emptier being in a bigger room...

Everyone I've talked to had a blast... Thanks for being part of it! I am honored to play with and for all of you.

Friday, February 9, 2007

LISTEN HERE! 2-5-2007 @ Mr Spot's MP3s

This was too cool a night to try to say anything about it, so here are the recordings instead:

featuring Andrew Woods (guitar and human voice), 5-Track (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass guitar), and Paul Turner (drums) plus John Foss and Aaron Gates do some singing and Mike plays the trumpet. We started in5/8, went ambient, came back in 7 and stayed there for a while, then got into some fast 12/8 ideas and then got really really slow and grooved heavy for about 30 minutes

This segment features John Leighton Beezer (guitar) and N8 Moore (drums) with Andrew Woods and Evan Strauss plus Foss, Gates and Mike on the trumpet. This starts about where part one leaves off, goes heavy latin for a while and then tumbles through some other ideas for a total of about 22 minutes

This segment features Michael Faulhaber (drums) and Donovan (bass guitar) but beyond there I have lost track of who is playing for most of this 43 minutes. I am playing Andrew's guitar for a while, but I think Andrew is back later on. I think Aaron Gates plays my guitar for a while. I believe I hear Chavon singing something amazing, and Amy Richards too (Amy is Keith Richards' bastard daughter)

Tragically we lost the best part of this jam when the minidisc filled up... That's Chris Hogan on the electric guitar, myself on the bass and Paul Turner on the drums. This excerpt is pretty cool, but we got WEIRD in the remaining half hour

Hope ya dig it!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Snoose Log re 1-29-2007

It was a tough night, and didnn't really hit its stride until it was almost done...

Whiting Tennis and El Grande Conquistador opened it up, but they never caught fire like they did the last time, maybe 'cos we started late or maybe 'cos we weren't sure exactly who was going to play until almost the second it happened. When I got there, we had no drummer lined up, we had 3 or 4 people making calls to 1-800-NEED-A-DRUMMER but they were booked, solid. Finally we lucked onto a kit, but no one to play it, at which time Mr Van Yserloo walked into the room, followed in short order by Mr Iverson, and - like that - a quorum was achieved.

But it was a slow-burn quorum, a smoldering quorum, a quorum that had seen its shadow and was on its way back to bed. The music was GORGEOUS in places, but stumbled and staggered and spat in between - and I have the tapes to prove it. After about a 1/2 hour of false but scintillating starts, JLB called a full-on change-up and kicked everyone (including himself) off the stage.

I took the guitar, Wes took the bass, Knute got on the drums (his first visit to Snoose Junction - and a long story in itself) and Diono from Ancestor Radio hit the congas (another first) and we played a set that went over real well but felt like an uphill jog on a hot day all the way.

Not sure what happened next - Danny played the bass and Joe Reno painted her picture, John Foss gave KP a birthday roast from the heart, N8 played the drums, Amy put the octopus hat on Iverson, then she took the mic and channelled an Indian shaman for 10 minutes, Spike took the mic but I couldn't hear what he said, and then

(it was as if the sun came out from behind a cloud)

there was this great jam from Chris Hogan (guitar), Evan Strauss (bass), Knute (drums), Foss (sing) and some mandolin player from Tennessee? It coulda gone on for hours, and then it stopped

Friday, January 26, 2007

What's A Joe Reno?

That's a picture that Joe Reno painted
(of me, tho at first I thought it was a landscape, perhaps a sunrise behind a purple mountain, or maybe a submarine, til I realized I was holding it the wrong way)
during a performance by Snoose Junction at Mr Spot's Chai House...

I saw one of his new ones the other day, a beautiful Mt Rainier with a pterodactyl


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snoose Log re 1-22-2007

On this night (with Beth and Julie behind the counter) the first set was thrown down by Paul Turner (drums), Donovan (bass), Gerry Amandez (kaos guitar), and Aaron Gates (sing, guitar), and it was rocknroll

Beezer subbed in for Gates on guitar at 8:50, followed eventually by me on bass and N8 Moore on the drums. A kid with a guitar turned up and jammed powerchords with Chris Hogan for a little while, then Donovan took one guitar and a man I don't know took the other. He was going to step down after a few jams but Turner came back to the kit (replacing Mike Faulhaber) and told New Guitar Guy to stay right where he was

Roslyn came back this week to play the mouthpiece and eventually the whole clarinet ("not slower," she advised us as we dropped the dynamic for her approach, "just quieter") in a multiphony of duckcalls and cellular melodies while Ian McKagan took the mic (he had it in him, and it got to get out) and shared it intermittently with Amy and Chavon and Kansas City Cunningham

Where was Foss during all this? He was in the shower... But the new expanded format (thanks to Superbarrista Beth) allows him to shower and sing on the same night, and he was in the house by 9 in his Guatemalan Coffee Pickers Hat and a bright yellow shirt that says 'Fuma' (ask the Mugicians where he got it)

Some drunk came in and we let him make an ass of himself on the mic for a while but then he broke a tap off a keg and wanted to play the bass. Beth gave him the Big Red Snow Boot and he took a hike with his girl who couldn't stop laughing at him... "This is our clubhouse," Foss told them, "you can't be breakin up the clubhouse!"

The night wound up with Gerry on bass, Thomas The Cat Nelson on guitar, Foss and Amy and Chavon singing and Mike Faulhaber on the drums

Gerry was cool enough to bring out an ADAT and and a mixing board and get some hopefully decent live sounds to 8-track digital. Some of us have been laying down the sounds in his home studio in the middle of the night (check out Magna Freak) but this should be the best sounding live tape we've got yet, in our natural habitat

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snoose Log 1-15-2007

Tonight began with a set from the Columbia City All-Stars, which is to say, John Beezer (guitar) brought in Steve Turnidge on the bass (amp supplied by Snoose Cadet Evan Strauss), Mike Faulhaber on the drums, Jason Dennie on keys and vox, and John Lee on keys... I came in halfway through their set, chill and late for a change, with no responsibilities or gear, and boogied down with Zack and Danny from Luxxe while the All-Stars rocked it out good-like

The first substitution of the evening came at 9:15pm (Beezer offered me the axe at 8:45 but I declined as I played ALL NIGHT last week and ALL WEEKEND this week)... with Snoose Cadet Evan Strauss subbing in for Mr Turnidge, resulting in a funkier groove but a remarkable restrained and deep one for Evan, who likes to play the Irrepressible Mad Bass Funk. The keys set up some ambient drones, and I wandered onto the guitar for a time as Foss stepped up to finally sing some things

Paul Turner came up and took Mike's place behind the drums for some scattered aggro-fusion (or something) and then I got on the bass with, um, N8 Moore on the guitar and lay down fractured post-everything grooves with Paul until newbie Roslyn came up with her clarinet... "My instrument is a lot quieter than yours," she pointed out, so we (now including Chris Hogan on guitar instead of N8 and Mr Donovan on the keys) settled into a slow, chill, simple rock&r&b groove for a loooongg time and this woman Amy2 came up and sang BEAUTIFULLY from a chair next to the keys for a while, what a lovely, sweet slow jam it was...

I tried to get Danny up to play at that time but she wouldn't... So eventually I turned it over to Eric, who I met at Danny and Zack's house one New Year's Eve. Little did I know that Danny and Zack had eaten the leftover New Year's Truffles of Spike earlier in the night and were pleasantly zonked. Eric lay down the mad bass funk with John Beezer and Vince Amandes (drums) and then I subbed in for Beezer for the SuperBarristas Funk Jam dedicated to Beth who is the Man even if she is a Woman (The Very Reverend Betty that is)... Foss told everyone to get up and dance but they wouldn't so Amy danced like a whirling dervish in the aisle for a while and then

to cap it all off, Danny came up with Zack and N8 (and Donovan on the keys!) for some space-groove ambient improv that ROCKED AND ROLLED and I DANCE AND DANCED and th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Evan, thanks for letting us keep your gear late! Roslyn and Eric and Amy2, thanks for being the new kids! See yas in the future,

Friday, January 12, 2007

Snoose Is Up!

Tonight we are convening the Snoose Junction Greenwood Posse for another evening of crazed and unreasonable jams blasted into hifi digital immortality in the basement of a condemned house in (you guessed it) Greenwood, Seattle, WA, Earth

Personnel of course varies, but it's Gerry Amandez' house, for one thing, so he'll be there playing guitar and maybe some bass and running the studio. His brother Vince is a good bet for drums. Rey will likely be playing some bass. I'll play guitar. Foss will sing and I understand someone named Troy is going to be there as well

What tends to happen is, is that we lay down a lot of weird tracks in the middle of the night until everyone passes out and then Gerry mixes and edits it all down into something vaguely presentable and eventually it makes its way onto a CD and gets back to us. Last time it was John Beezer, Gerry, Vince, Patrick Lenon (drums - Glass Goblins & also Variety Pack), Foss and myself. We haven't heard that yet, but the tracks we have mixed include Gerry, Vince, Paul Turner, Foss, Rey, Donovan and myself

You can hear two tracks from that session at the Snoose Junction xxspace page: 'Magna Freak' and 'Live And Let Live'

Gerry sez these aren't finished mixes, and I believe him, but they're totally listenable and really spaced out... Ask Foss who plays what on which, he has it written down

Word from the Chai House is time to head for Greenwood. Snoose is up!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Snoose Log 1-08-2006

First Snoose of the year...

Starting lineup was Paul Turner (brought the drum kit with geegaws and whatnots and played the hell out of it) with Donovan on bass, Gerry Amandez on kaos guitar and 5-Track on guitar, eventually Aaron vocals and piano...

Then Foss on the sing, and then Vince Amandez on the drums, 5 on the bass, N8 on the drums, Chris Hogan on the guitar, and Sarah the Sometime Superbarrista's Sister (name? sorry I missed it!) on the post-Alice Coltrane piano stylings... And Rey on the kaos guitar, and then Donovan on it, too

Beezer sez:
" I decided I would only play if the quality dropped below the 95% level for more than 20 seconds. Y’all went and rendered me redundant ... but with a big grin on my face."

I think I played for almost 3 straight hours!