Thursday, March 20, 2008

LISTEN HERE: Clips from our CDs

I thought it might be for the common good to have all this stuff listenable to in one place...

So this is going to be that place!

Starting with two segments from our recent issue, VOLUME 3:
1 - Light (excerpt) - juicy groove with guitar and saxophone
2 - Dark and/or Heavy (excerpt) - clearly the devil has taken over

...moving on to the equally-creatively-named but somewhat more hypnotic VOLUME 2:
Part 1 (excerpt) - trance groove
Part 2 (excerpt) - total madness

...and lastly, as a special bonus, here is the elusive SNOOSE JUNCTION VOLUME ONE, in its entirety:
Part 1 - a long groovy jam with a preponderance of rhythmic ideas and not a whole lot of excessive ego-distortion
Part 2 - more of the same, but more people on the stage and somewhat less formal coherence. Not only is this Volume One, this is SHOW #1, and there is some debate as to exactly whose fault it was

All of these were recorded live to minidisc at Mr Spot's. Personnel tend to include John Beezer, John Foss, 5-Track, Evan Strauss, Donovan Raymond, Knute Jordan, Andrew McInnis, Sammy Lett, Gerry Amandes, Vince Amandes, Ian McKagan, Andrew Woods, Charles Wicklander etc etc.

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