Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Album Download from We're Late For Class

looks like this:
A Collection (2008) We're Late For Class

and sounds like this:

and you can find out more about it

Hint: think "spaced-out stoner improv"

5 sez:
I am not in this band, but I like them.
I also like free download albums in general.
here is another one by someone else


We're Late For Class said...

Hey Snoosers,

A million thanks for the plug. It's really appreciated. A little dominate... especially since you've got your own releases to plug (you can resize that cover, you know), but we love you for it. Listening to your pal Marc C. right now. Natch, we like this stuff. Right up our alley.

Got a request... You guys should include an MP3 player here so curious blog surfers can get a taste of SJ, and we starving college types - who've already allocated our next $5 to a beer run - can get Snoosing, too. Just a thought. We're REAL curious about "Light" and "Dark &/or Heavy." As you know, we like excess in all its incarnations.

Thank again for the support. All the best in 08.

5-Track said...

5 sez:

Quite right, I have smallened it.

I will at the very least get clips of Volume 3 up somewhere. Maybe soon...

Glad you dug the Spleek.

good luck
5 out

We're Late For Class said...

Hey Snoosers,
Just a quick note. Our MassMirror link went away (and we MAY kill our DivShare link) but we DO have a back up link to download "A Collection."
Hope you get a chance to update and thanks again for all the support. All the best...