Friday, May 16, 2008

brand new Snoose-related CDs and thangs

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There are 3 new CDs with which you may desire to occupy your attention.

None of them are officially "Snoose Junction" titles,
but every one includes musicians who you may know and dig
from our live shows or from existing Snoose Junction recordings.

Firstly, we have
Abalone Sandwich: The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation
This disc contains oceanic and largely drumless guitar drones,
plus a prose paean to interspecies comunication
and a genuinely global peace. I have never heard anything
quite like it. Dedicated to Dr John C Lilly.
Musicians =
Andrew Woods (Neon Brown) - guitar
Donovan Raymond (Midway Orchestra) - bass
5-Track - guitar
Andrew McInnis (Lemons & Stallions) - drums (track 3)

Secondly there is the mighty
Zoomsquad: Interstellar Mating Rituals
Zoomsquad opened up both of the Snoose Junction events
which took place at the excellent
Jewelbox Theater in the Rendezvous, downtown.
Parts of the first of those shows are on this disc,
along with many artifacts from the
Luxxe-house basement studio.
The music is improvised, ambient, heavy, groovy, tripped out
and genuinely democratic.
Musicians =
Zack, guitar
Danny, bass
N8, drums
5-Track, guitar

And thirdly, but by no means leastly,
Evan & The Modern Human Show: A Moose Supreme
Evan wrote all the tunes and lyrics,
played the bass and the kaoss pad
and he sang.
The results are notable.
Musicians =
Evan Strauss - bass, kaoss pad, sing
Pat Lenon - drums
5-Track - guitar
Charles Wicklander - intermittent keys

...and if that isn't enough for you,
go dig the Greenwood Posse:
Musicians =
John Foss - sing
Gerry Amandes - guitar
Vince Amandes - drums
Reyza - bass
...and cameos from the usual gang of idiots

more info on at least some of this stuff can be found at

good luck

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