Friday, January 12, 2007

Snoose Is Up!

Tonight we are convening the Snoose Junction Greenwood Posse for another evening of crazed and unreasonable jams blasted into hifi digital immortality in the basement of a condemned house in (you guessed it) Greenwood, Seattle, WA, Earth

Personnel of course varies, but it's Gerry Amandez' house, for one thing, so he'll be there playing guitar and maybe some bass and running the studio. His brother Vince is a good bet for drums. Rey will likely be playing some bass. I'll play guitar. Foss will sing and I understand someone named Troy is going to be there as well

What tends to happen is, is that we lay down a lot of weird tracks in the middle of the night until everyone passes out and then Gerry mixes and edits it all down into something vaguely presentable and eventually it makes its way onto a CD and gets back to us. Last time it was John Beezer, Gerry, Vince, Patrick Lenon (drums - Glass Goblins & also Variety Pack), Foss and myself. We haven't heard that yet, but the tracks we have mixed include Gerry, Vince, Paul Turner, Foss, Rey, Donovan and myself

You can hear two tracks from that session at the Snoose Junction xxspace page: 'Magna Freak' and 'Live And Let Live'

Gerry sez these aren't finished mixes, and I believe him, but they're totally listenable and really spaced out... Ask Foss who plays what on which, he has it written down

Word from the Chai House is time to head for Greenwood. Snoose is up!


Anonymous said...

Did you know there's a Snoose Junction pizza on Market St.? Any relation? Or just a coincidence?

Snoose Junction said...

The members of Snoose Junction, the band, are not fans of coincidence. Call it, instead, a wave of synchronicity, and surf that baby...

There is a connection, a loose one, and it is this:

That "Snoose Junction" is an old nickname for Ballard before it was annexed by Seattle, somewhat against it's will. 100 years this year, is it? Hell, I'm from Vermont, I barely know what street I live on! Snoose=chaw, btw

We, the band Snoose Junction, take this as a call to arms, an impetus to raise up a strong and inviolable community of the creative in the face of the invading forces of creeping plastic clones who are moving in where its hip without contributing anything to the pot except an eager gaze seeking out the next cool pair of shoes or darling little knick-knack and a deaf ear to innovation. Have you walked down Ballard Ave lately, let alone Market St? The Plastic People are here

I haven't been in Snoose Junction Pizza yet, though I hear the food is good... They have the good grace thus far to be closed on Monday nights, thus establishing a positive and non-competitive vibe from the get-go. I imagine they are using the name as a cool, historic sorta hook for their sleek new shop in freshly-hip downtown Ballard, you know, a little story to reel in the marks, some evident cultural heritage or at least apparent relevance... But I can't speak for their sincerity or their intepretation until I actually try the food and dig the atmosphere

you know it