Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snoose Log 1-15-2007

Tonight began with a set from the Columbia City All-Stars, which is to say, John Beezer (guitar) brought in Steve Turnidge on the bass (amp supplied by Snoose Cadet Evan Strauss), Mike Faulhaber on the drums, Jason Dennie on keys and vox, and John Lee on keys... I came in halfway through their set, chill and late for a change, with no responsibilities or gear, and boogied down with Zack and Danny from Luxxe while the All-Stars rocked it out good-like

The first substitution of the evening came at 9:15pm (Beezer offered me the axe at 8:45 but I declined as I played ALL NIGHT last week and ALL WEEKEND this week)... with Snoose Cadet Evan Strauss subbing in for Mr Turnidge, resulting in a funkier groove but a remarkable restrained and deep one for Evan, who likes to play the Irrepressible Mad Bass Funk. The keys set up some ambient drones, and I wandered onto the guitar for a time as Foss stepped up to finally sing some things

Paul Turner came up and took Mike's place behind the drums for some scattered aggro-fusion (or something) and then I got on the bass with, um, N8 Moore on the guitar and lay down fractured post-everything grooves with Paul until newbie Roslyn came up with her clarinet... "My instrument is a lot quieter than yours," she pointed out, so we (now including Chris Hogan on guitar instead of N8 and Mr Donovan on the keys) settled into a slow, chill, simple rock&r&b groove for a loooongg time and this woman Amy2 came up and sang BEAUTIFULLY from a chair next to the keys for a while, what a lovely, sweet slow jam it was...

I tried to get Danny up to play at that time but she wouldn't... So eventually I turned it over to Eric, who I met at Danny and Zack's house one New Year's Eve. Little did I know that Danny and Zack had eaten the leftover New Year's Truffles of Spike earlier in the night and were pleasantly zonked. Eric lay down the mad bass funk with John Beezer and Vince Amandes (drums) and then I subbed in for Beezer for the SuperBarristas Funk Jam dedicated to Beth who is the Man even if she is a Woman (The Very Reverend Betty that is)... Foss told everyone to get up and dance but they wouldn't so Amy danced like a whirling dervish in the aisle for a while and then

to cap it all off, Danny came up with Zack and N8 (and Donovan on the keys!) for some space-groove ambient improv that ROCKED AND ROLLED and I DANCE AND DANCED and th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Evan, thanks for letting us keep your gear late! Roslyn and Eric and Amy2, thanks for being the new kids! See yas in the future,

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