Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snoose Junction South on the L. A. Record Winter Solstice Mixtape

Hi kids,

Here's a link to the Winter Solstice Mixtape 2010 listening experience at L. A. Record:

if you check the last song on "side 2"
you will find something by Snoose Junction called "EPD5".
What that is, is this:

Gerry Amandes ... keys
Ian McKagan ... guitar
Secret Weapon Woody ... guitar
5-Track ... guitar

It's from an album called "Snoose Junction Presents: The Echo Parks Department", recorded, mixed and edited by 5-Track at Duane St, Coronado, and Cat Valley in Echo Park, Los Angeles, USA, Earth, in mid-winter or very early spring of 2008, and due to be released on Cosmic Primitive Records on February 2nd, 2011!!

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