Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Not a whole lot to add here, but it doesn't seem right that there's been no post since July, wouldn't want anyone thinking this was a DEFUNCT CONCERN, nonononono...

Speaking from the L.A. Office, I miss you guys a ton, was slicing-and-dicing the show from 3-5-07 yesterday (almost done, CD in the future) and it was SO NICE, music aside, to hear everybody's voices hovering around and swooping past the mic and trying to figure out just who the hell was playing what anyway

see yas in the future

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We're Late For Class said...

Hey guys,

Thanks bunches for the linkage. We've done the same. We're listening to some of the MySpace stuff as we speak and will dig into the Feb Archives soon for more. VERY cool. Real weird and scary, but dreamy and paranoid at the same time. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for the contact and kind words.
All the best,