Friday, February 16, 2007

LOOK HERE: pictures from 2-5-2007 @ Mr Spot's Chai House

Courtesy of Snoose Admiral Michael Faulhaber...

5-Track (yours truly):

Amy Richards on the mic, hazy Foss in the background:

The special-est of guests, Mr Andrew Woods of Neon Brown:

Snoose Commander John Leighton Beezer:

Snoose Cadet N8:

Chris Hogan is from outer space:

Chai House counter...

Chavon and Ian:

Donovan in the Octopus Hat:

Paul Turner, drums::

Evan Strauss: "A drum set? Why no, John Foss, what makes you think I have a drum set?"

Aaron Gates sings for his life:

So does Ian:

A few last enlightening images:

dig it


zlicious said...

these photos make me feel like i've actually been there!

Snoose Junction said...

Um, I think you HAVE been there, love!


np: Flied Egg, "Dr Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine"