Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SNOOSE LOG re: 12/18/06

Separate reports label this the Best Snoose Ever!

We had Andrew Woods from Neon Brown playing the oddly-tuned and often-tapped 6-string guitar with a hidden microphone in the volume pot, all night...

And we had Michael Faulhaber on the drums, followed perhaps too quickly by Dave Foley (he was walking by and we flagged him down) who played GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT, followed I think by N8, followed by Paul T (and that's just the first 4 drummers!) by which time I had switched from guitar to bass. Evan had started off on the bass but took a breather and graciously allowed me to play his fretless 4-string bundle of joy while... Thomas "The Cat" Nelson I think picked up the guitar at this point, and Chavon came up to help John Foss out with the singing, then Amy came up to help out Chavon, and left-handed Woody turned Evan's bass upside-down and played a great coupla jams with Evan on the Kaoss Pad and John Beezer on the 2nd guitar and Chris Hogan on the 3rd guitar, and then Woody and Evan swapped places, and then... I'm not sure what exactly happened but then this girl I've never seen before played some terrific guitar and Michael was back on the drums and it all wrapped up around 11:30 with a big fat heavy groove that went on for DAYS! And I think it ended with a trio of myself and Chris Hogan on guitars, no bass, Michael on the drums, and Foss singing "SuperBarrista" to the chords from "Stand By Me" ... Some monday night!

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